Back in 1930, Dandeli’s populace stood at a mere 515, their livelihoods centered around the government’s sawmill and forestry domain. Among them, the Konkanis, Devali, Marathas, Kuruba, Lambani, African, and Muslim communities formed a colorful mosaic. Nestled by the Kali river’s edge, this settlement transformed into an industrial nucleus with the advent of enterprises like The Indian Plywood Manufacturing Company, Lalbhai Ferro-manganese Factory, West Coast Paper Mill, Indian Saw Mill, and sundry small industries near Dandeli and Karnataka Power Corporation, constructing power-generating dams across the Kali river. Hence, the moniker “Old-Dandeli.”

Prior to 1936, education had yet to grace this modest town. It wasn’t until Shivaji Narvekar, Pundalik Pai, Sadanand Gopal Nadkarni, Balappa Chavan, and Bapshet joined forces that a rudimentary one-room school emerged atop a nearby hill—now the abode of the government Urdu school. Ramachandra Ganapat Nayak, hailing from Sanikatta near Gokarn, relocated to steer this nascent institution. With a humble inaugural class of 18 students, three even older than their teacher R.G. Nayak, the school gained British government recognition in 1939.

Entwined in local lore, Dandeli’s nomenclature unveils intriguing tales. One whispers of Dandelappa, a devoted servant to Mirashi landlords who met his fate due to unwavering loyalty. In a parallel saga, King Dandakanayaka’s wanderings christened the woodlands, and the city found its dwelling where Dandakaranya stood as he bestowed the land with his name.

Situated at coordinates 15°14′51.7884′′N 74°37′46.8408′′W, Dandeli occupies an average elevation of 473 metres (1,552 ft). Rainfall cascades generously from August to November, a natural symphony embraced by the land. A canvas adorned with lush forests and gentle elevation paints a tropical highland climate, where summer temperatures embrace an average of 27 °C (81 °F), while winter offers the comfort of around 18 °C (64 °F).


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